NOTE: Since learning of the damages done to the environment as a direct result of animal agriculture and the significant roll it plays in Global Warming, I have stopped my consumption of any animal, and their products. This now includes honey. As healing and beneficial honey is, the industries have threatened global bee populations. The product below was imagined before this new realization. 


Logo + Branding

My parents have a farm located in the highlands of Fiji's Naitasiri province. It's simply magical- rolling hills, lively green rain forests, diverse animal life, winding rivers, pristine waterfalls... the list goes on. It is a place where a part of me belongs. As a youth I remember running through the forests, jumping off waterfalls and being aware and connected to this subtle energy of the land- an important aspect of Fijian mana. Growing steadily across the terrain is the Vunikoka tree. A hardwood with beautiful amber hues: its wood a solid dense mass. 

This was the icon my parents chose to represent the farm. The colors I used are true to the landscape, rich and vibrant; the bold text represents the Vunikoka. This logo project was the inspiration behind Naitasiri Raw.


Branding Print + Web

"If the Bees go, we all go". It is a dream of mine to start a bee apiary, located in fields that I've planted with fruit trees and flowers. This would also be a chance to hold workshops to educate and teach about biodiversity in nature and sustainable organic living practices, with hopes to bridge the gap between the urban and natural environments. As a personal project, I will create the packaging, and website for its launch, as well as for different products that will be sourced from the farm- in particular ginger and turmeric.

This image illustrates the creative process for the Sustainable Ecology Logo. When designing, I regularly utilize formulas such as Phi and the Fibonacci sequence, which have a close relationship with one another. As these ratios appear everywhere in the macro and micro, from the harmonic intervals of galaxies and planets, to music theory behind every symphony and band, its use in design references the natural world, thus rendering it appeasing to the eye. 


Below are a couple of shots from the studio process. 

Social Media Research and Development

I recently posted this to my Artist collectives page, and placed a minimal advertising budget on the post as I was very curious about public opinion. The response was overwhelming! Messages of support and praise came flooding in, questions about where to purchase, and requests to feature the product in their stores. I had no idea this would be received so well. 94 shares, 2714 likes, and a couple new clients, it was a success. On to the next stage, with many more healthy snacking alternatives on the way.