When I first started pursuing my Graphic design career in 2010, I was pretty involved in the Oakland art scene, in particular live painting; taking a large blank canvas, and painting supplies to large events and creating a finished piece by the end of the night. Several shows in I had a pretty diverse portfolio; this also allowed me to contract design and network at the events I frequented.

I first branded myself under "Fiji Designs." The logo was inspired by a photograph I took in Fiji of a man on a small boat with a "Kara", or pole, making his way across the calm oceans. That same year I met my future wife and fellow artist, and we joined forces under the company name EastRand Studios, a play on our last names and the street we used to live on. I added her and our pup Zoey to the logo and continued to use design inspiration from Fiji. Our studio offers a variety of creative ventures from mural painting to art prints and jewelry.