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Planning, Packing & Pup Portraits


Planning, Packing & Pup Portraits


Today marks two weeks until we fly to Fiji. I have one more week of work left, and Jack will be working until July 19th- the day before we fly! I’m making lists and brainstorming on things we’ll need and I’ll be in full-on packing mode next week. Purple peppers

This weekend we made many of our favorite dishes and spent time with family. Summertime markets in the Bay area bring a colorful, beautiful assortment of fruits and veggies, so we’re enjoying it all while we can. This weekend we had lots of fresh berries, apricots, peaches, plums, pluots, veggie skewers (mushrooms + pineapples +red onions + yellow, orange, green, and PURPLE bell peppers), coconut + mustard seed spicy cabbage, creamy red lentils, chickpea burgers, pea + potato curry, brown rice, cucumber salad, carrot salad, lettuce + kale + +tomato + sweet potato salad, roti, tamarind + date chutney, berry pie.

Chickpea patties, brown rice, and salads

Last week, my friend Brittany, asked me about pet portraits because she’d been looking around on Etsy and wanted a portrait of her adorable Westie, Fender. I love the concept and we’ve done many sketches and paintings of our pup, Zoey. We put our Etsy shop on vacation because we’re working on packing, storing and selling items locally as we prepare to head to Fiji. Pet portraits have been something we’d love to add to our East Rand repertoire.

Sketch of Fender

Detail of Fender

I’ve known Brittany since we were in first grade, and we were always creating together. She has always been an exceptional writer and story teller, so I thought it’d be great to portray her pup, Fender as a writer, with a typewriter and crumpled (in Fender’s case, half-eaten) paper.

Alise painting Cami

Brittany’s husband Andrew is a saxophone player, so I added a sax to Fender’s “office.” Brittany and Andrew have another dog, Cami who is a sweet and shy Shiba Inu, so I added her glamour shot to the wall. I’m excited to get the final product to them!

Fender portrait